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Harry Potter: A History of Magic (American Edition) Oct 09, 2018

The Book of the British Library Dec 15, 2012

Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic Oct 20, 2017

Books! Books! Books! Explore the Amazing Collection of the British Library Sep 05, 2017

The British Library Guide to Printing: History and Techniques (British Library Guides) Feb 13, 1999

British Library Crime Classics Complete Collection 13 Books Set Murder Mysteries Series

Excellent Intentions (British Library Crime Classics) Oct 02, 2018

Somebody at the Door (British Library Crime Classics) Dec 05, 2017

Atlas: A World of Maps From the British Library Jan 01, 2019

Portrait of a Murderer: A Christmas Crime Story (British Library Crime Classics) Apr 03, 2018

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