Questions or concerns? I think we have you covered with our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

General Questions

General questions cover the basics of what BookSavages can do.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This is a unique book identifier which BookSavages uses to find you the best prices on the particular book. More information on ISBN's Here.
The purpose of BookSavages is to help our visitors find the best prices for their book. We provide a simple-to-use user interface which allows for fast and easy navigation.
Type the ISBN of the book on Buy or Sell and search. In seconds you can filter through, sort, and ultimately pick the best price. The option to search bykeywords as well, but it's recommended you have the book ISBN. Additional tips on keyword searches can be found on the Buy and Sell pages.

Selling Back Textbooks

Selling textbooks back to stores can be difficult. Here at BookSavages we make it as easy as possible.

All our vendors offer different pay periods and methods of payment. These methods of payment include Paypal, eCheck, and store credit. For more information please contact the vendors directly. Use our Vendors page to learn more about your vendor.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Visit the Sell page.
  • Locate the ISBN of your book. To find ISBN's look on the inside cover of the book next to the copyright information.
  • Enter the ISBN into the search bar and click search!
  • Click the link of the prefered vendor if vendors show up. If not that means none of our vendors are currently buying your book.
  • Once you click the link you'll be directed to our vendors website where they offer you cash or store credit!
  • Package up your books and ship them off.
  • Wait a week or two and enjoy your cash for your books!
There are a number of reasons why you should use us:
  • The fastest book buy, rental, and sell search engine.
  • We have the highest quality vendors in the online textbook market.
  • We make it easy for you to get the highest price for your books!
Our vendors pay in Paypal, gift cards, store credit, and eChecks.
Our vendors standards vary. Most should be paid within 1-2 weeks of shipping packaged books. For more information visit our Vendors page and find your individual vendor.

Buying or Renting Textbooks

The textbook buying or renting process can be tedious especially dealing with big textbook companies. Here at BookSavages we make it easy to pick and choose the correct price.

Visit the Buy page to search for the best used/rent/new prices for the given book you are looking for. the best way is to use the book's ISBN. If you do not have this feel free to use keywords. More information on keywords will show up if the search engine needs more information to find your book.
After using the Buy page the quality will be next to the sale price of the book.
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